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My Story...

Hello!  I am so happy you have decided to begin your journey to real health, real peace and real JOY!
About me.....
My name is Yvette Raymond BA, CNC, ICP. I am a very proud mother of two beautiful little girls, a stepmom to an amazing opera singer and the very lucky bride of a motocross loving husband!
It is my passion, my personal joy, and my downright destiny to help others achieve great health and wealth (not just the green spendy kind).
I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback & Bioscan SRT Level II Practitioner, with a BA in Psychology from The University of St. Thomas.  I have worked with patients from every end of the spectrum to facilitate healing...physically, mentally and spiritually. 
My journey began, well when I began I believe.  This life has taught me so much about health.  You name it, I've been there.
Healing myself from anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, ADHD, depression, excess weight, fatigue, low immune system/low wbc, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, STRESS, sports injuries, hernias, insomnia, hypoglycemia, etc...  These are just a few of my triumphs.  I have lived a long life in my 45 years, full of spiritual growth and education that allows me to offer you healing in the most dynamic way possible.
I am blessed with the ability to understand, on a deep level, what each patients needs to acheive great health now!
I am trained in multiple modalities for emotionally healing- 
Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, BioChemical Rebalancing and much more.

Together we can learn to heal your heart and your body and find the peace and freedom you have always deserved.
I look forward to meeting you soon!
"If you don't like
where you are, change it.
You're Not a Tree"
 -Jim Rohn
Be The Cure You've Been Looking For!
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